Ohioans Can’t Trust


Richard Cordray

Like Hillary Clinton, Richard Cordray is crooked.

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Cordray has a record of ripping off taxpayers.

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Can Ohio afford to lose more jobs?

Cordray's Record

Pay to Play With Crooked Cordray

Whether you’re a trial lawyer, a Wall Street crook, or even one of his employees, you can pay-to-play with Crooked Cordray

You may have heard how Crooked Cordray used his unchecked power at the CFPB to issue a new regulation that will benefit his trial lawyer donors, but did you know that as Attorney General he gave new lucrative contracts to his trial lawyer buddies who donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help his campaign? (Wall Street Journal, February 3, 2010)

In 2009, a Wall Street broker admitted to funneling money to Crooked Cordray after his firm received a 3,700% increase in state business. (Columbus Dispatch, May 28, 2009)

Cordray hired Amer Ahmad, who pulled off the biggest pay-to-play bribery scheme in state history, then fled to Pakistan. (Dayton Daily News, February 5, 2016)

Crooked Like Hillary

In addition to pay-to-play, Crooked Cordray and Crooked Hillary have a lot in common. Remember those 13 personal devices Hillary used for federal business and then destroyed? Guess who else has been caught using personal devices for federal business?

That’s right, Crooked Cordray!

Crooked Hillary and Crooked Cordray both think they’re above the law. Cordray runs an unaccountable bureaucracy and thumbs his nose at Congress every chance he gets. He hasn’t even implemented rules his agency was mandated to create under Dodd-Frank!

But Hey, What Difference Does it Make?

Ripping Off Taxpayers for Decades

Crooked Cordray’s most egregious waste of tax dollars? Perhaps it was the luxury office he built for the CFPB that has ironically been dubbed Cordray Tower because it cost MORE than Trump Tower and the Bellagio Casino.

While Crooked Cordray and his fellow Democrats led the state into a multibillion-dollar budget deficit, he raised his office’s payroll by nearly $300,000 to hire more of his cronies and give nearly all of them pay raises. (Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 11, 2009)

350,000 Ohio Jobs Lost

Ohio lost 350,000 jobs the last time Richard Cordray was elected.

Crooked Cordray raised taxes on Ohioans over 100 times as a state representative and will do it again as governor. (HB904, HB248, 119th GA)

Ohioans Can’t Trust Crooked Cordray.